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The menu boasted appealing but ordinary fare—antipasti and starters, wood-fired pizzas, freshly-made pastas, meaty mains. I noticed that a handful of the menu items were printed in red, and I asked the server why. “These are our signature dishes,” he explained. “They’re the ones that are most shared on social media.”

The last days of HitchBOT

The important detail here, clearly: HitchBOT had a camera. A camera that automatically took photos every 20 minutes and uploaded those to Ontario for Instagram curation. Could one of those photos be of the person that killed it? Could HitchBOT actually solve its own murder? – See more at:

Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own remixed to form new story

The artist spent four years in a process he calls “a kind of linguistic mathematics”, consulting lists of words on a computer to ensure each and every word of Woolf’s essays was used. Wilson said he spent “day after day in a hot computer room combing through the latest draft, trying to balance out conjunctions and pronouns across the sentences, needing to stay extremely focused in case I made a mistake”.