How audience engagement editors are guiding online discussions

They are the chil­dren of the copy edi­tor, the pub­lic edi­tor, and the paper­boy. Instead of gram­mar and style, this new breed of edi­tor crafts online tone and rela­tion­ships with read­ers. Web traf­fic and, if sub­tly, adver­tis­ing dol­lars depend on their work. Together, their efforts help tear down a per­cep­tion that the media is declar­a­tive and deaf to how read­ers inter­act with its work.

Learning to Love Low Bit Rates

For a cer­tain point on the time­line of music dis­cov­ery, qual­ity wasn’t a defin­ing fac­tor. In the dawn of mp3 play­ers, the big draw was the amount of music you could carry with you. “Your entire library in your pocket” is how Steve Jobs put it when he intro­duced the iPod in 2001.

Gods Actually Exist

Not in the sense of super­nat­ural enti­ties, but in nat­ural super­hu­man enti­ties, some­times called egre­gores. Egre­gores are made up out of peo­ple, but aren’t peo­ple. They aren’t con­trolled by a per­son­al­ity, but by a sort of zeit­geist of vague desires and hatreds.