Swole Without a Goal

I wasn’t doing any­thing mem­o­rable, the day the world clicked in nine words—I want to occupy as much space as possible—but I do remem­ber what came after. Another ques­tion, the inter­ro­ga­tion after the impulse: How much space could I occupy?

Spotting Real-World Architecture in Monument Valley

The mon­u­ments have strong ties to archi­tec­ture, resem­bling Islamic minarets, Indian step-wells, and Scot­tish cas­tles and, I would argue, the more recent ram­parts of Ricardo Bofill and Peter Eisenman.

Saskia Sassen on Before Method

This “before method,” an ana­lytic tac­tic and not an ana­lytic strat­egy, she tells War­bur­ton is an effort to de-theorize about phe­nom­e­non when first study­ing it, a cau­tion for aca­d­e­mics to be on alert against glib if still learned method­olo­gies that cre­ate expec­ta­tions that they then force the data to fit into.

Why do ten McNuggets cost the same as twenty?

There are count­less expla­na­tions (20pcs is too much for some peo­ple, for instance) that almost work, but a good num­ber of them are knocked down by ask­ing “Why doesn’t McDon­alds just lower the price for the 10pcs McNuggets, or raise the price for 20pc McNuggets?”