Dancing the flip-flop

When you do the flip-flop, you achieve effects that aren’t pos­si­ble when you dwell in only one world, phys­i­cal or dig­i­tal. You also achieve effects that are less pre­dictable. Weird things hap­pen on the walls between worlds.

The Worst Game

And so I real­ized I had hit on a “game”: put the name of any house­hold object in front of the first lines of Lolita, and it’s dis­turb­ing in a totally dif­fer­ent way even than what Nabokov intended. Try it.

Safe Spaces As Shield, Safe Spaces As Sword

In short, I sup­port peo­ple cre­at­ing “safe spaces” as a shield by exer­cis­ing their free­dom of asso­ci­a­tion to orga­nize them­selves into mutu­ally sup­port­ing com­mu­ni­ties, run accord­ing to their own norms. But not every­one imag­ines “safe spaces” like that. Some use the con­cept of “safe spaces” as a sword, wielded to annex pub­lic spaces and demand that peo­ple within those spaces con­form to their pri­vate norms.