Monster Tuck Rally

We find these stuffed and stretched bod­ies irre­sistible, and spec­u­late about the elu­sive motives behind their com­pul­sion to alter them. But our scruti­ny is just as com­pul­sive and strange. Surgery addicts are ves­sels into which we pour our col­lec­tive ridicule, dis­gust and hor­ror. They are our mon­sters and our mir­rors.

61 Glimpses of the Future

6. A tru­ly great bor­der cross­ing will hold a mir­ror up to your soul.

7. A white male trav­el­ling alone in inter­est­ing places, will always

8. need to dis­prove they are a spy. Thanks Hol­ly­wood.
It is eas­i­er to deflect demands for a bribe when your paper­work is in order.