Slow Games

Slow Games are phys­i­cal video games with a very low fre­quen­cy of inter­ac­tion: one move a day.

The games are based on clas­sic video games (Mario, Pong, etc). By reduc­ing the feed­back loop to a fre­quen­cy of a day, the games take a new per­spec­tive and the skills required to make progress are rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent. While tra­di­tion­al video games require good hand-eye coör­di­na­tion and con­cen­tra­tion, Slow Games chal­lenge our mem­o­ry, capac­i­ty of obser­va­tion and patience.

Ayn Rand, Girl-Power Icon

In an ele­gant stroke of free-mar­ket irony, self-pro­claimed ene­my of fem­i­nism Ayn Rand has become a girl-pow­er com­mod­i­ty sev­er­al decades after her death.

This is what we know about A Prairie Home Companion:

Nobody in his­to­ry has ever lis­tened to an entire episode front-to-back, but still we can make some edu­cat­ed guess­es about the show based on the snip­pets we’ve heard, like marine biol­o­gists who study the record­ings of deep dis­tant moans to imag­ine the lives and loves of the elu­sive blue whale.