Cash-Strapped Towns Are Un-Paving Roads They Can’t Afford to Fix

In an era of dis­mal infra­struc­ture spend­ing, where the Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Civ­il Engi­neers gives the country’s roads a D grade, rur­al areas all over the coun­try are embrac­ing this kind of strate­gic retreat. Trans­porta­tion agen­cies in at least 27 states have unpaved roads, accord­ing to a new report from the Nation­al High­way Coöper­a­tive High­way Research pro­gram. They’ve done the bulk of that work in the past five years.

Peter Doig Says He Didn’t Paint This. Now He Has to Prove It.

When Mr. Doig, whose eerie, mag­i­cal land­scapes have made him one of the world’s most pop­u­lar artists, was sent a pho­to­graph of a can­vas he said he didn’t rec­og­nize, he dis­avowed it.

I said, ‘Nice paint­ing,’” he recalled in an inter­view. “‘Not by me.’”

The own­er, how­ev­er, dis­agreed and sued him, set­ting up one of the stranger art authen­ti­ca­tion cas­es in recent his­to­ry.

Do sign languages use the feet?

One way in which the feet are used dur­ing sign­ing is that some signs are pro­duced with the hands, but on top of or in con­tact with the feet. Sign­ers aren’t usu­al­ly bend­ing down to touch their toes in the mid­dle of sign­ing, though. Usu­al­ly these are lan­guages that are main­ly used while sit­ting cross-legged on the ground. As a result, the feet are eas­i­ly with­in the sign­ing space.

My computer generates random stuff. Here’s why.

I start­ed this project because I don’t under­stand why some things are beau­ti­ful and oth­ers aren’t. That’s why I order the com­put­er to always gen­er­ate some­thing else.

Welcome to the Infill Font Foundry

I have no doubt that “Infill-ism” is a sin­cere belief and con­cern for Van­der­Lans. Rea­son­ably afford­able type­face design soft­ware and acces­si­ble online dis­tri­b­u­tion are now used by a great vol­ume of peo­ple to make and sell type­faces. These same con­di­tions ini­tial­ly exploit­ed by Émi­gré and oth­ers to flour­ish now allow thou­sands to thrive, and there are no signs it will slow down.

But “In-fil­lism” is mere­ly a sleight of hand. As a shod­dy neol­o­gism, it is deroga­to­ry, mis­lead­ing and hyp­o­crit­i­cal.