The Canon Is Sexist, Racist, Colonialist, and Totally Gross. Yes, You Have to Read It Anyway.

You’ve written that “it is possible to graduate with a degree in English language & literature by exclusively reading the works of (mostly wealthy) white men.” It is possible to graduate a lot of ways, and every English major is responsible for taking advantage of the bounty of courses the department offers to attain a full and deep education. What is not possible is to reckon with the racist, sexist, colonist poets who comprise the canon—and to transcend their failures—via a “see no evil, hear no evil” policy.

I created Godwin’s Law in 1990, but it wasn’t a prediction – it was a warning

Earlier this month, my email and social media alerts starting going off when friends let me know a pseudonymous number-cruncher had “proved” Godwin’s Law.

This struck me as odd, given that I designed Godwin’s Law a quarter-century ago in a way that (I hoped) would make it insusceptible to scientific proof or disproof—at least by anyone who interpreted Godwin’s Law as a prediction.

The Environmental Toll of a Netflix Binge

Data-center operations managers love to talk about energy systems—or, more specifically, efficiency in their use of energy systems. The fact that companies increasingly foreground this sustainability information when engaging with journalists demonstrates a growing public interest in The Cloud’s environmental impact. But really articulating and measuring that impact is difficult. It basically requires taking apart the constituent parts of the data center itself.

You Can Do Research Too

As a practicing academic researcher, I’m personally thrilled by the degree of excitement regarding CS research today in the broader technical community. Reading papers and doing research have always been favorite activities for me, and it’s tremendously heartening to see organizations like Papers We Love and its many members sharing their excitement as well. Research is a very human way to engage with our curiosity, and curiosity deserves cultivation, celebration, and sharing.

At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction

With the tagline “Local, simple and honest,” Boca Kitchen Bar Market was among the first wave of farm-to-table restaurants in Tampa Bay to make the assertion “we use local products whenever possible.” I’ve reviewed the food. My own words are right there on their website: “local, thoughtful and, most importantly, delicious.”

But I’ve been had, from the snapper down to the beef.

Games have basic, huge accessibility problems (that we celebrate)

Most of us take it upon ourselves to show the people we love how special video games can be. We often forget that when we play, we bring years and sometimes decades of fluency in this medium. It’s rare that someone without that background can pick up a controller and play without guidance. Books are easy to share because everyone learns to read. Not everyone spends the hours necessary to learn how to play what we consider to be “core” games.