Do emojis have their own syntax?

To get data, I showed people three pictures and asked them to “pick the emoji sequence that best describes the scene” and then gave them two options that used different orders of the same emoji. Then, once they were done with the emoji part, I asked them to “please type a short sentence to describe each scene”.

Food packaging is not the enemy of the environment that it is assumed to be

Far from being the blight that green critics claim it is, food wrappings can in fact be an environmental boon. By more than doubling the time that some meat items can stay on shelves, for example, better packaging ensures that precious resources are used more efficiently. Planet and profits both benefit.

DeafBlind Americans developed a language that doesn’t involve sight or sound

When Serna had something to add, he responded in pro-tactile ASL: he tapped and patted his interpreter (sitting next to him) anywhere from her shoulders to her knees. She translated those taps and pats by signing them in ASL, the most prominent form of sign language in the US with about 2 million users. A second interpreter translated that ASL into spoken English for me.

Why Justin Timberlake Sings ‘May’ Instead of ‘Me’

Think of Mandy Moore’s “Can-day,” Britney Spears growling “oh bay-bay bay-bay,” Gwen Stefani chanting “hey bay-bay hey bay-bay HEY.” The trend to turn the “ee” sound into “ay” continued for years, maybe most memorably in Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” (Cray-zay, really.) This isn’t one guy’s vocal quirk: this is a trend, maybe a virus. Why did all these singers change their vowels in that particular way?