Why White People Don’t Use White Emoji

Almost no one I knew used the light­est skin tone, or even the sec­ond-light­est. Indeed, as a white man who tends to be either pale or sun­burnt, I had nev­er con­sid­ered using it myself. When I did switch briefly to the light­est tone at work, it felt … weird.

Pirates in our public library: Why Indian scholars are closely watching a court case in Quebec

To read­ers based in places like India, a col­lec­tion with this breadth is sim­ply unavail­able and, on first sight, unimag­in­able, as these books often sell at more than three or four times the price of a best­selling nov­el. Out­side of the high­ly pro­fes­sion­alised, and increas­ing­ly cor­po­ra­tised atmos­phere of the bet­ter-fund­ed US, Euro­pean and East Asian uni­ver­si­ty libraries, schol­ars have to set­tle for pro­duc­ing crit­i­cal research with­out access to (or some­times knowl­edge of) essen­tial mate­r­i­al.

Theres a Question Mark Hanging Over the Apostrophes Future

The U.S., in fact, is the only coun­try with an apos­tro­phe-erad­i­ca­tion pol­i­cy. The pro­gram took off when Pres­i­dent Ben­jamin Har­ri­son set up the Board on Geo­graph­ic Names in 1890. By one board esti­mate, it has scrubbed 250,000 apos­tro­phes from fed­er­al maps. The states mostly—but not always—bow to its wish­es.

The Future: A Cat Litter Box and DRM

I took the Smart­Car­tridge and real­ized I could just open it up, and fill it myself. Great, I’ll order new ones and get it by Tues­day and I’ll just fill this one up with water for now. So I filled it up with water, and put it into the machine….

It didn’t stop beep­ing, it knew this wasn’t it’s SaniSo­lu­tion. Some­how it knew.

The Russian Art of Meta-Stalking

The next time you ride the sub­way in St. Peters­burg, watch out for 21-year-old pho­tog­ra­ph­er Egor Tsvetkov. He recent­ly unveiled a new project called “YOUR FACE IS BIG DATA,” which he cre­at­ed by semi-secret­ly pho­tograph­ing pas­sen­gers seat­ed across from him on the city’s metro, with­out ask­ing their per­mis­sion.