Is the Tech Bubble Popping? Ping Pong Offers an Answer

Until late 2014, Twitter was regularly ordering ping-pong tables from Billiard Wholesale, a store in San Jose, Calif. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

The store’s owner, Simon Ng, figured it either ran out of space “or they’re having company problems.”

What Its Like to Wake Up From Autism After Magnetic Stimulation

This particular study aimed to use the technique to re-tune the way brain cells communicate, allowing people with autism to better connect to the world and deepen their emotional intelligence — shedding their social blindness. The treatment left Robison momentarily crippled by the weight of other people’s feelings.

Your password could soon be a sound from your skull

“SkullConduct,” as it’s called, uses a bone conduction speaker and microphone connected to a user’s head. The researchers created a device by modifying a Google Glass wearable, so that when it’s worn, it plays a 1-second clip of audio that is imperceptible to the user. The microphone is then able to pickup and record that sound after it’s passed through their skull.

The great ‘ethnic food’ lie

Behind our public enthusiasm for Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Korean, and the many other foreign cuisines that can be enjoyed in cities like New York, there is also private, and yet pronounced, form of bias, a subtle hypocrisy that suggests we think these foods are inferior.