More than a yes or no question

Chang­ing def­i­n­i­tions of sex­u­al con­sent from just say­ing “no” to hav­ing to say “yes” is good but we can’t pre­tend that con­sent is just a word prob­lem.

What happens to a Twitter bot after its maker dies?

As part of that future, bot­mak­ers must con­sid­er what will hap­pen to their script kid­dies after they die. When I emailed Dar­ius Kaze­mi, a pro­lif­ic inter­net artist and bot mak­er, about the ques­tion he quick­ly respond­ed. “I think about this a lot,” he said.

No patent if invention lies only in computer program, says Indian Patent Office

This is expect­ed to ensure that the appli­ca­tions for patents in the field of soft­ware will be reject­ed and only appli­ca­tions claim­ing a nov­el hard­ware com­po­nent along with soft­ware will be eli­gi­ble for patent pro­tec­tion, says the advo­ca­cy groups oppos­ing soft­ware patent in India.

Mathematicians Discover Prime Conspiracy

Among the first bil­lion prime num­bers, for instance, a prime end­ing in 9 is almost 65 per­cent more like­ly to be fol­lowed by a prime end­ing in 1 than anoth­er prime end­ing in 9. In a paper post­ed online today, Kan­nan Soundarara­jan and Robert Lemke Oliv­er of Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty present both numer­i­cal and the­o­ret­i­cal evi­dence that prime num­bers repel oth­er would-be primes that end in the same dig­it, and have var­ied predilec­tions for being fol­lowed by primes end­ing in the oth­er pos­si­ble final dig­its.

Why I Quit Ordering From Über-for-Food Start-Ups

We are alive at a time when huge systems—industrial, infrastructural—are being remade, and I think it’s our respon­si­bil­i­ty as we make choic­es both com­mer­cial and civic—it’s just a light respon­si­bil­i­ty, don’t stress—to extrap­o­late for­ward, and ask our­selves: Is this a sys­tem I want to live inside? Is this a sys­tem fit for humans?

The Authenticity Trap of Mexican Food in America

It’s like­ly that the aver­age Mex­i­can (in or out of Mex­i­co) has nev­er made a tor­tilla in his or her life. A sac­ri­lege and a hor­ror — the crit­ics might say — to the authen­tic culi­nary tra­di­tions of Mex­i­co! Yet judg­ing the Mex­i­can peo­ple for not hand-mak­ing tor­tillas is like judg­ing the French for not home-bak­ing baguettes. It’s an exer­cise in cul­tur­al and culi­nary snob­bery and noth­ing else.