Brenda Laurel interview at Don’t Die

I produced for Atari, Activision, Epyx , a few other places. I became growingly disheartened by the complete male-ness of the field and I had some — you know, Atari is a great example. It was so vertically integrated — games by young men, for young men, sold to young men, you know. All the way up the line except for the old dudes at the top who thought they understood everything.

Google’s product strategy: Make two of everything

The company’s actions have shown it doesn’t really believe in focusing on a single solution to a problem, regardless of how much easier that would make things for users. It has to deal with external competitors in all sorts of areas, and Google seems to see no reason why competition can’t also come from within—Google products competing with other Google products.

The 68000 Wars, Part 1: Lorraine The Digital Antiquarian

The Amiga was a bitter failure, one of the great might-have-beens of computer history. In 1985 so many expected it to become so much more than just another game machine or even “just” the pioneer of the whole new field of desktop video, forerunner of the YouTube generation. The Amiga, believed its early adopters, was so much better — not just technically better but conceptually better — than what was already out there that it was surely destined to conquer the world.

How to Make a Moth

Katie Rose Pipkin (artist, poet, moth lover) and Loren Schmidt (artist, game maker, moth lover) are in the process of creating a new world of moths: skinny moths, shimmery moths, ominous moths, friendly moths, moths that look vaguely familiar and moths like nothing you’ve ever seen. Their moth generator churns out moths by the dozens — and it lets you make your own, too.

Discover This Game World as a Blind Girl Searching for Her Cat

The protagonist, a girl who was blinded in an accident some years before, has ventured outside her home in search of the cat that is her only friend. As she wanders through the void, everything she touches or hears is manifest to the player’s eye as a s​plash of watercolour.

Why Audio Never Goes Viral

With a community of creators uncomfortable with the value of virality, an audience content to watch grainy dashcam videos, and platforms that discourage sharing, is a hit-machine for audio possible? And is it something anyone even wants?

King Lear: The Syntax and Scansion of Insanity

I want to take a look at a series of Lear’s speeches, five of them, one from each act of the play. All involve Lear at a moment of extreme rage or sorrow, but his rage and sorrow change dramatically from the first act to the last. The character is the language, and what we see over the course of the play, is the utter destruction of that character.