Why Everyone on TV Has the Same Hair

This is the kind of hair that does not occur in nature. Natural waves are never this three-dimensional, and natural curls contain way fewer strands per spiral. This hair, this everywhere TV hair, is entirely artificial, heat tool-engineered for your viewing pleasure.

Letterlocking: How did you fold a letter in the early modern period and what did it mean?

In the early modern period, envelopes in the modern sense did not exist. Instead, letters would be folded to form their own covers. This skill was taught as a matter of course as a part of other letter-writing skills, such as learning the right opening and closing formulas, and how to write superscriptions (addresses). Jana Dambrogio has coined the term letterlocking for the practices of folding, securing and sealing letters. At this stage, we still know next to nothing about the vast field that is letterlocking.

Let’s Talk about Sci-Hub

I’m strongly in favor of increased free access to information and pretty cranky at how inexplicably expensive most information is. Plenty of people writing about Sci-Hub are cranky about that and other things, but there are some points that everyone seems to be glossing over, missing, or not mentioning at all that I really want to get out and into the conversation. Let’s discuss the players and the things being said about them.