Quartz experiment: Shades of gray distinguish facts from hearsay

We weren’t really sure how to weave the sources into the text, because the blue URLs would ruin the design,” Epstein said. “So we put them at the end.”

The plan was to update the shad­ing of dif­fer­ent parts of the story as new details were con­firmed about the HBO ser­vice. Epstein didn’t have to wait long: On Mon­day, HBO’s Ple­pler was onstage at Apple’s Spring For­ward to announce that the ser­vice, to be called HBO Now, would debut exclu­sively on Apple TV.

Efficiency in the Kitchen to Reduce Food Waste

[M]andated com­post­ing reflects a deeper shift in the mood of the nation’s cooks, one in which wast­ing food is unfash­ion­able. Run­ning an effi­cient kitchen — where bruised fruit is blended into smooth­ies, car­rot tops are pulsed into pesto, and a juicy pork shoul­der can move seam­lessly from Sun­day sup­per to Monday’s car­ni­tas to a rich pot of broth for the freezer — is becom­ing as sat­is­fy­ing as the food itself.

Automating Tinder with Eigenfaces

While my friends were get­ting sucked into “swip­ing” all day on their phones with Tin­der, I even­tu­ally got fed up and designed a piece of soft­ware that auto­mates every­thing on Tinder.

After handshakes, we sniff people’s scent on our hand

You won’t believe you do it, but you do. After shak­ing hands with some­one, you’ll lift your hands to your face and take a deep sniff. This newly dis­cov­ered behav­iour – revealed by covert film­ing – sug­gests that much like other mam­mals, humans use bod­ily smells to con­vey information.

The billionaire’s typewriter

[W]e can’t say that Medium et al. are of­fer­ing min­i­mal­ist de­sign. Only the ve­neer is min­i­mal­ist. What they’re re­ally of­fer­ing is a shift from de­sign as a choice to de­sign as a con­stant. In­stead of min­i­mal­ist de­sign, a bet­ter term might be ho­mo­ge­neous design.