Invisible Boxes

Invis­i­ble Boxes is an explo­ration of the unex­am­ined devices that can be found every­where in the city: sen­sors, net­work­ing units, and other tech­no­log­i­cal addi­tions to the streetscape and urban fab­ric that are gen­er­ally ignored and invis­i­ble to the pub­lic despite being in plain view, and when noticed, are almost entirely opaque and illegible.

Prehispanic 2.0 — Latin America’s P2P Roots

The native peo­ples antic­i­pated the much-touted shar­ing econ­omy by a few cen­turies. While the cur­rent global cri­sis pushes cap­i­tal­ism towards an irre­versible muta­tion, our vision of a post-capitalist future is remark­ably sim­i­lar to the pre-capitalist ori­gins of indige­nous America.