How to Lose 10 Pounds While Playing Dodge-the-Algorithm

I couldn’t type the words into that box.

I feared that “I want to lose 10 pounds” would be the magic words that con­jured up end­less streams of head­less women in biki­nis with mea­sur­ing tapes around their allegedly newly-skinny waist, who would fol­low me online till the sun went supernova.

Nipsters: The German Neo-Nazis Trying to Put a Hipper Face on Hate

It’s hard to get the tim­ing for the intro “just right,” he explains, and once the graph­ics stop play­ing, he strides into frame and raises his arm, curl­ing his hand into a fist and wish­ing his view­ers, a few hun­dred mem­bers of Germany’s extreme right, a lovely evening. He calls this ges­ture his “pro­fes­sional wrestling entrance move,” which he claims was inspired by WWE-style the­atrics, though it also, not incon­ve­niently, looks a bit like a heil Hitler Nazi salute.

The Broken Worldview of Experience Design

The assump­tion of ratio­nal­ity man­i­fests itself mostly in the process of design­ing. Design­ers tend to think lin­early about users, writ­ing out very spe­cific use cases, map­ping user intent to dis­crete actions, and design­ing the means by which users accom­plish those tasks. While this approach is cer­tainly not ‘wrong’—it is one I com­monly advocate—what is often missed is how vari­able user behav­ior can be.