We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online

Know­ing what we do about how dig­i­tal con­tent and data are being cat­a­loged, my hus­band and I made an impor­tant choice before our daugh­ter was born. We decided that we would never post any pho­tos or other per­son­ally iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion about her online. Instead, we cre­ated a dig­i­tal trust fund.

Epic Hero as Cyborg: An Experiment in Interpreting Pre-Modern Heroic Narrative

At first pass […] the cen­tral claim of this paper is clearly anachro­nis­tic. And yet—the epic hero is a cyborg. So how does one rec­on­cile the anachro­nis­tic nature of the claim to the asser­tion itself? How does one answer a charge that every under­grad­u­ate stu­dent of ancient or medieval cul­ture has been con­di­tioned to guard against?

Two responses come to mind.

1. The claim only looks anachro­nis­tic.
2. Yeah? So what?

No R.S.V.P.? In Rajasthan, India, No Worries

The newlyweds-to-be were not old friends from col­lege, fam­ily mem­bers or even friends of friends. Truth be told, we didn’t know the bride and groom or any of their 1,000 other guests. We had been invited thanks to a New York-based tour agency called Micato Safaris, one of a hand­ful of tour agen­cies that pro­vide access to Indian weddings.