Why Goats Are the Internet’s New Cats

“When you go to cultures where cats are not popular in daily life, cat memes are not as funny,” said An Xiao Mina, a technologist and co-founder of The Civic Beat, a global research collective for internet culture. “You kind of have to be relevant to be funny.”

Why Do People Keep Coming to This Couple’s Home Looking for Lost Phones?

The missing phones don’t seem to have anything in common. Some are iPhones. Some are Androids. They’re on different carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost Mobile. Saba and Lee don’t know who can fix it because there’s no obvious guilty party. They filed a complaint with the local police department but that hasn’t helped. They’ve already had two visits in 2016.

The Case for Precise Outrage

An important facet of the Oral Roberts case is that the university was already requiring students to track their activity and was already making their academic performance contingent on the results. It has done so, in one form or another, for fifty years.

This Sunday’s NYTimes Crossword Puzzle Had One of the Greatest, Smartest Themes Ever

Constructing crossword puzzles is an esoteric skill, and most people will never understand or appreciate how hard it can be just to create something very basic—this is sadly true even among the puzzle-solving community. It will never be considered “art” in any broader sense, and you better do it for the love of the game, because praise and recognition are scarce.