Table Manners

The last time I was back to see my parents, I realized how much there was to remember when eating at home. Since many people’s experience is limited to eating at Chinese restaurants, I put down some rules in these notes.

Inside the Sweet, Strange World of Cereal Box Collectors

Duane Dimock once paid $450 for a box of cereal. But this wasn’t the makings of a week of very expensive breakfasts: Rather, it was the box itself that he was after. Dimock belongs to a small niche group of hobbyists who collect cereal boxes, and in their world, $450 doesn’t raise many eyebrows. Last summer, an unopened package of Post Ten — the now-defunct variety pack of mini cereal boxes — dating back to 1961 sold for a whopping $2,550 on eBay. Just a few weeks ago, a box of Quaker Quisp from the same era fetched over $2,100.

BotWatch Interview with Allison Parrish

One of the things that is exciting to me about composing text procedurally with computers is that it allows us to quickly propose arbitrarily many of these “new languages” for reconceptualizing how reading, writing, and talking work and are understood.