The Experience Design of Server Farms

The stu­dents tell me about a site they vis­ited in New Jer­sey, one of the new build­ings purpose-built to be a server facil­ity. They describe a space all done up in glow­ing blue LED strips — a geek’s sci­ence fic­tion idea of what a com­puter facil­ity should look like. They tell me about the tour guide enthu­si­as­ti­cally telling them how many lay­ers of secu­rity they’d passed through to even reach the front gate, and how the build­ing was pro­tected against some­one dri­ving up with a bomb in the back of a van.

Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars

Empow­ered by social media, fem­i­nists are call­ing one another out for ide­o­log­i­cal offenses. Is it good for the move­ment? And whose move­ment is it?

What good are children?

Study after study has shown that those who live with chil­dren are less sat­is­fied with their lives than those who do not. Is there some­thing wrong with these empir­i­cal analy­ses? Or is it that hap­pi­ness mea­sures are unre­li­able? This col­umn argues that the results are cor­rect but that com­par­isons of the well­be­ing of par­ents and non-parents are of no help at all for peo­ple try­ing to decide whether to have children.