Students, prompted by massacre, design emergency lock to thwart shooters

Like many schools around the coun­try, the doors at Ben­jamin Ban­neker Aca­d­e­mic High School lack classroom-side locks, a build­ing code reg­u­la­tion left­over from a time when fire was the biggest threat to stu­dent safety. Unlock­able doors mean stu­dents can escape a burn­ing class­room quickly. Yet in today’s world, stu­dents also worry about intrud­ers com­ing into their class­rooms and fir­ing bullets.

The Essayification of Everything

Essay­ism, when imag­ined as a con­struc­tive approach to exis­tence, is a blan­ket of pos­si­bil­i­ties draped con­sciously on the world.

One more time

Why do we lis­ten to our favourite music over and over again? Because repeated sounds work magic in our brains.

Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective

Alter­ing your data­base schema to accom­mo­date gay mar­riage can be easy or dif­fi­cult depend­ing on how smart you were when you orig­i­nally set up your sys­tem to accom­mo­date het­ero­sex­u­al­ity only.

A Soft Armour

I call my suit my soft armour. It keeps me warm, safe, sound, it opens doors. It is my uni­form, my cos­tume, my house. It has many pock­ets. It is as com­fort­able as any out­fit I can think of. I use it to col­lect sto­ries in. I don’t mind when it gets dirty, torn, worn out, when the world leaves its traces.