Laser-generated surface structures create extremely water-repellent metals

The mate­r­ial is so strongly water-repellent, the water actu­ally gets bounced off. Then it lands on the sur­face again, gets bounced off again, and then it will just roll off from the sur­face,” said Guo, pro­fes­sor of optics in the University’s Hajim School of Engi­neer­ing and Applied Sci­ences. That whole process takes less than a second.

Why do we have to have a legal gender?

Some­times it’s hard to see out­side the sys­tem, but the peo­ple who aren’t treated well by that sys­tem are often the ones to point out it flaws. Fem­i­nists were the first to ques­tion: why do we have Mrs and Miss when a man is just plain old Mr?

All of my Issues With the “Goodnight Moon” Bedroom

This bed­room is enor­mous. There is no one, I think, who has not noticed this. As some­one who has lived in apart­ments only slightly larger than “a lit­tle toy house,” it’s mildly vex­ing that this bed­room is the size of a ban­quet hall in Down­ton Abbey.

Why I Can’t Philosophy

Three pages in, Berardi quotes one Hito Stey­erl on the sub­ject of the video for David Bowie’s “Heroes”