yes Virginia, there is a left-wing reform movement

Claims that doing yoga is impermissible cultural appropriation, arguments that we should drop phrases like “I see what you mean” because they’re ableist, the assumption that linking to Tweets constitutes violence but harassing and degrading people to the point of suicide is noble activism, filing Title IX claims against people for writing essays in major magazines, allowing your position to become synonymous with attacks on the right to free expression, claiming that you can fight capitalism and the state with hashtags — this is the behavior of a movement that cannot win. We cannot win that way.

How Much Of The Internet Does The Wayback Machine Really Archive?

Of the top 15 websites with the most snapshots taken by the Archive thus far this year, one is an alleged former movie pirating site, one is a Hawaiian hotel, two are pornography sites and five are online shopping sites. The second-most snapshotted homepage is of a Russian autoparts website and the eighth-most-snapshotted site is a parts supplier for trampolines.

YouTube: Where you can experiment on humans as much as you like

YouTube has no regulation. How could it? More than 300 hours of footage is uploaded to the site every minute, and that means a lot of questionable content is posted – although most vanishes into obscurity. Recently, however, the blurring of “science” and entertainment that was first kicked off by television has been mimicked by YouTube’s prolific stars – with none of the original’s safeguards in place.