The Virtues of Performing Progressivism

No, peo­ple on the left are not total­i­tar­i­ans who want to sti­fle dis­sent; that char­ac­ter­i­za­tion is a right wing fan­ta­sy. But the left does often express a dis­trust of speech as inau­then­tic, false, and decep­tive.

How you can use Facebook to track your friends’ sleeping habits

By cre­at­ing a sim­ple ser­vice that checks Face­book every 10 min­utes, I’m able to get an accu­rate pic­ture of my friends’ Face­book usage. Many peo­ple vis­it Face­book as the first thing in the morn­ing, and the last thing before going to bed. It is there­fore pos­si­ble to get a good impres­sion of their sleep­ing habits (or lack there­of).

Clicking With a Conscience

Sup­ply­ing atten­tion itself can be an act of com­plic­i­ty in the uneth­i­cal actions of a plat­form. The mere act of choos­ing to look at some­thing online gen­er­ates real val­ue for a com­pa­ny, mate­ri­al­ly help­ing to sup­port its staff, its con­tent, and the social inter­ac­tions that a plat­form plays host to.

The Woman Who Makes Prosthetic Pinkies for Ex-Yakuza Members

Inter­est­ed in art and sculp­ture as a teenag­er, Fukushi­ma described her­self as a self-taught pros­thetist. She dis­cov­ered the pro­fes­sion by chance one sum­mer day when she saw a man cov­er­ing him­self up with a large scarf at a clin­ic where she was train­ing.