extranapkins’s sequence in functional Python

The 0th item in this sequence is

“Fuck off”

The 1st item is

“I’ve got two words for you: Fuck off”

The 2nd item is

“I’ve got eight words for you: I’ve got two words for you: Fuck off”

Talking business mergers with horny guys on Grindr

What do the horny guys who use Grindr think of the fact that their favourite hook-up app has been bought by a Chinese gaming behemoth? With Liam at the controls, and me sending him the questions, it was time to talk business mergers with London’s Grindr elite. We didn’t get off to an auspicious start.

How One Company Designed the Bookshelves that Made America’s Biggest Libraries Possible

Before the early 20th century, public libraries typically used wooden bookcases with fixed shelves to house their volumes. In the 1910s, new public literacy initiatives like Andrew Carnegie’s library-building projects, as well as institutional expansions at the Library of Congress and many universities, drove the need for a different kind of library shelf. The new wave of libraries—bigger and more comprehensive than their predecessors—needed bookshelves that could accommodate their rapidly growing collections of books.