BotWatch Interview with Allison Parrish

One of the things that is excit­ing to me about com­pos­ing text pro­ce­du­ral­ly with com­put­ers is that it allows us to quick­ly pro­pose arbi­trar­i­ly many of these “new lan­guages” for recon­cep­tu­al­iz­ing how read­ing, writ­ing, and talk­ing work and are under­stood.

Engineering at Home

Cindy is not alone in adapt­ing her envi­ron­ment with infor­mal engineering—we know she joins mil­lions of garage tin­ker­ers, house­hold inven­tors, and, of course, par­tic­i­pants in Mak­er cul­ture. How­ev­er, Cindy’s sto­ry is dis­tinc­tive. She need­ed the exper­tise of clin­i­cians, yes—and the most advanced med­ical care and tech­nol­o­gy avail­able (includ­ing a $90,000 myo­elec­tric hand). But she also need­ed to find dozens of ways to make a new life for her­self, and for that she need­ed decep­tive­ly sim­ple engi­neer­ing: a tool to write in her own sig­na­ture hand, the abil­i­ty to feed her­self, to play cards with friends.