Why Missy Elliott’s feminist legacy is criminally underrated

We often give artists like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé applause for championing body positivity, because as “curvy” women of colour, they’re presenting an “other” in a predominantly skinny-centric, whitewashed industry. […] These women are different and interesting – to an extent. But they are both still preoccupied with feminine aesthetic perfection, and both project an image that is largely in keeping with traditional masculine desire. […] Elliott has always favoured personal style and self-confidence over male-dictated beauty ideals. As a result, she makes beauty something highly individualistic, and in the process, empowers body image to be whatever the wearer of that body chooses it to be.

BotWatch Interview with Kate Compton

For me, a bot is almost a measurement of autonomy, as the control starts belonging more to the tool and less to the human. I think there’s a spectrum from Microsoft Paint brush to autonomous bot, and you can dial it in anywhere along there.

‘No-Platforming’ based on identity politics is incoherent

Contemporary advocates of No-Platforming have so far failed to provide any convincing, rigorous definition of ‘harm’ to justify their practice. Typically, they claim that offensive speech undermines the ‘personhood’ of those it targets. However, in the vast majority of cases, they fail to demonstrate how this alleged violation occurs, nor even what they mean by ‘personhood’.

Japanese researchers threatened to cut off a robot’s finger to see if humans would care

In a small experiment, researchers from Toyohashi University of Technology showed 15 volunteers 56 different color photographs of both a human and a robotic hand each being cut with a knife, as well as images of the hands with the knife held at a distance. Researchers measured the volunteers’ empathetic neural responses to each scenario with an EEG.