a dissertation on monocausal parataxis in social media

Twit­ter lends itself to mono­causal parataxis: you pick your pre­ferred expla­na­tion, artic­u­late it in the punchi­est way you can, and then retweet every­one who sees it your way. And … and … and.…

Architects: If You Don’t Start Disrupting Urbanism, Silicon Valley Will Do It for You.

A man who got rich sell­ing out his stake in a cat pic­ture web­site is team­ing up with a woman who found­ed a failed house­clean­ing com­pa­ny to imag­ine the future of cities. They’re backed by advi­sor and investor Peter Thiel, per­haps best known for his inter­est in—besides seasteading—using the blood of the young to extend the life of the old, spec­u­lat­ing about whether extend­ing the right to vote to women was bad for democ­ra­cy, and secret­ly fund­ing law­suits against jour­nal­ists.