Why, Minus Everyone

Garfield minus Garfield, and Garfield Minus Everything are both subtracting elements down from the finished cartoon. While Minus Everyone is constructing the cartoon strip up with all the usual elements, but without going through the last two steps of adding in any characters and dialog.

One of the Stars of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ Started a Religion

When I visited the church, I was greeted at the door by a man who said his name was Third Eye. He quickly introduced me to the community pet Krishna, a giant talking parrot. Third Eye explained that he was part of the “inner circle,” composed of eight core members, all of whom are led by the founder Andrew Keegan.

Can You Teach a Coal Miner to Code?

As America switches from an industrial economy to a digital one, its bluest collar workers are facing the toughest challenge of their lives. Can miners really learn how to code?

buy some signs

These are pictures I’ve taken in strip clubs and strip club dressing rooms, printed out in poor resolution and framed in dollar store frames.

Grant application rejected over choice of font

“Rejected. For using Calibri,” she tweeted on 27 October, referring to the font that is the default setting in certain versions of Microsoft Word. But the funding body she applied to — the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) — says that it regularly rejects a small number of applications for using the wrong font, although it will not comment on Maidment’s specific case.