Why, Minus Everyone

Garfield minus Garfield, and Garfield Minus Every­thing are both sub­tract­ing ele­ments down from the fin­ished car­toon. While Minus Every­one is con­struct­ing the car­toon strip up with all the usu­al ele­ments, but with­out going through the last two steps of adding in any char­ac­ters and dia­log.

One of the Stars of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ Started a Religion

When I vis­it­ed the church, I was greet­ed at the door by a man who said his name was Third Eye. He quick­ly intro­duced me to the com­mu­ni­ty pet Krish­na, a giant talk­ing par­rot. Third Eye explained that he was part of the “inner cir­cle,” com­posed of eight core mem­bers, all of whom are led by the founder Andrew Kee­gan.

Can You Teach a Coal Miner to Code?

As Amer­i­ca switch­es from an indus­tri­al econ­o­my to a dig­i­tal one, its bluest col­lar work­ers are fac­ing the tough­est chal­lenge of their lives. Can min­ers real­ly learn how to code?

buy some signs

These are pic­tures I’ve tak­en in strip clubs and strip club dress­ing rooms, print­ed out in poor res­o­lu­tion and framed in dol­lar store frames.

Grant application rejected over choice of font

Reject­ed. For using Cal­ib­ri,” she tweet­ed on 27 Octo­ber, refer­ring to the font that is the default set­ting in cer­tain ver­sions of Microsoft Word. But the fund­ing body she applied to — the UK’s Nat­ur­al Envi­ron­ment Research Coun­cil (NERC) — says that it reg­u­lar­ly rejects a small num­ber of appli­ca­tions for using the wrong font, although it will not com­ment on Maidment’s spe­cif­ic case.