It is possible to be alone in the Star Trek world in a way which I would have to deliberately take action to achieve in my world. Even when we are alone, most of us check a number of communication vectors and leave them live—Twitter, email, text messages, Facebook, our blogs, Reddit, news feeds.

Always with us

Men were to consume large quantities of alcohol in keeping with conventions of excess. Yet they were also supposed to remain in control of their faculties, bantering and displaying wit.

A Proposal to Fix Online Identity

When you log in to a new service using Facebook Connect, you are actually constraining your identity to the Facebook version of it, though you’re expanding Facebook itself.

Vendor Prefixes – about to go south

The CSS working group met very recently and openly talked about whether they should implement -webkit as part of the CSS specification. This means other browser such as Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer could and would also implement these prefixes which would result in your site working™ in their browser.