Dinner, Movie, and a Dirty Sanchez

I met one guy on JDate—the Jewish matchmaking site that floods your in-box with subject lines like “Here’s one to bring home to Bubbe!”—and the first time we had sex, he pulled out a ball gag from his nightstand and gingerly placed it next to me on the bed. Just in case we want it later.

Programming is the new High School Diploma

The new “middle tier” of the workforce looks something like this: literate, able to use math and write well, able to read a manual and instruct computers to take various actions depending on various conditions.

The Composites

Images created using law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters. All interesting suggestions considered.

Object Cancers

We could call these object cancers: bulbous, oddly textured, and other dramatically misshapen errors that only appear in 3D-reprinted objects. Chairs with tumors, mutant silverware, misbegotten watches—as if the offspring of industrial reproducibility is a molten world of Dalí-like surrealism.