A Look to the Past, An Insight Into the Present: The Use of Gender in ‘Mad Men’

When ques­tioned about crit­ics who say that Mad Men might be rekin­dling sex­ist atti­tudes, Erin stead­fast­ly defend­ed the show, stat­ing, “The times were sex­ist. The show is not” (Wheel­er, 3). The writ­ers of Mad Men appear to be more con­cerned with cre­at­ing real­is­tic por­tray­als (both male and female) of char­ac­ters liv­ing in 1960s Amer­i­ca than pur­port­ing a social mes­sage.

The Death of the Cyberflâneur

Cyber­flâneurs are few and far between, while the very prac­tice of cyber­flâner­ie seems at odds with the world of social media. What went wrong? And should we wor­ry?

You Will Never Kill Piracy, and Piracy Will Never Kill You

This is a nego­ti­a­tion where at any time, your cus­tomer could just go down­load the damn movie for free, and they’re doing you a favor by even con­sid­er­ing pick­ing it up legal­ly. And you have the nerve to think it’s on YOUR terms? That’s not how nego­ti­a­tion works. It may not be right, but it’s real­i­ty, and they have to face it.