I Eat, You Watch

Muk­bang is a type of video that first gained pop­u­lar­i­ty in Korea in which “BJs” (broad­cast jock­eys) live-stream them­selves eat­ing meals. To com­pen­sate for the absence of smell and taste in the remote view­ing expe­ri­ence, BJs rely on sound and visu­als to repli­cate the sen­sa­tion of eating—the crin­kling of wrap­pers, the crunch of fried chick­en, and the appre­cia­tive chew­ing that fol­lows.

Why These Americans Refuse to Vote

One can only guess what per­cent­age of vot­ers would choose “none” were the option avail­able nation­wide, but there are some clues it’d find siz­able trac­tion: Don­ald Trump and Hillary Clin­ton are the two most despised major par­ty nom­i­nees in mod­ern elec­toral his­to­ry.