In Defense Of Slave Leia

And here is what Leia does, when you force her into a scanty out­fit and choke-chain: she takes that chain, and she kills you with it. She doesn’t let her cloth­ing get in her way or lim­it her more than she can help—she waits for her moment to strike, and then she con­quers her would-be con­queror and saves the day.

Why I gave up my copyright: Kirill Medvedev

The Russ­ian poet has been releas­ing his work free of own­er­ship since 2004, insist­ing that pub­lish­ers can only make edi­tions with­out con­tracts and with­out his con­sent. He explains how open­ing his poems up to pira­cy is both a polit­i­cal protest and a lib­er­at­ing step towards intel­lec­tu­al sov­er­eign­ty