The Mother of All Questions

What I should have said to that crowd was that our inter­ro­ga­tion of Woolf’s repro­duc­tive sta­tus was a soporif­ic and point­less detour from the mag­nif­i­cent ques­tions her work pos­es. (I think at some point I said, “Fuck this shit,” which car­ried the same gen­er­al mes­sage and moved every­one on from the dis­cus­sion.)

People are now selling ‘rare’ plastic bags on eBay

Sev­er­al plas­tic bags ‘deals’ have been list­ed on the auc­tion site since the Gov­ern­ment intro­duced the 5p charge on Octo­ber 5.

One eBay sell­er is offer­ing the chance for you to grab an Asda car­ri­er bag, with bids start­ing at 99p.

Ermahgerddon: The Untold Story of the Ermahgerd Girl

Meet Mag­gie Gold­en­berg­er, who help­less­ly watched an Inter­net meme spawn from her awk­ward ado­les­cent pho­to. Except, maybe the “Gers­berms” girl nev­er exist­ed the way we thought she did?