Software, It’s a Thing

What is soft­ware then, real­ly? Just as ear­ly film­mak­ers couldn’t have pre­dict­ed the lev­el of ongo­ing inter­est in their work over a hun­dred years lat­er, who can say what future gen­er­a­tions will find impor­tant to know and pre­serve about the ear­ly his­to­ry of soft­ware?

Art-Rockers Trying To Destroy Universe

A small code that sounds like a strange noise at the the end of the album will cause the cor­rec­tion soft­ware that is installed in all CD play­ers to gen­er­ate a ran­dom num­ber every time the CD is played. If that num­ber was to cor­re­spond to the actu­al posi­tion of all elec­trons in the uni­verse, a very unlike­ly pos­si­bil­i­ty appar­ent­ly, the uni­verse could be destroyed.

CMPD considers no-go areas for criminals

The Char­lotte-Meck­len­burg Police Depart­ment and Char­lotte City Coun­cil are dis­cussing whether to cre­ate “pub­lic safe­ty zones,” city areas where peo­ple with past arrests would be pro­hib­it­ed from enter­ing.

The Rise and Fall of Text on the Web

I was pri­mar­i­ly inter­est­ed in what seemed to me a depar­ture from text for what it might imply about lit­er­a­cy and what we ought to teach stu­dents, and more broad­ly about what this change meant for how humans com­mu­ni­cate and share infor­ma­tion, knowl­edge and cul­ture.