Down the Rabbit Hole

Hey, that was a good read! I agree with every­thing the author said. What’s more, it speaks to my research, because I’ve done a fair deal of sci­ence map­ping myself at the Cyber­in­fra­struc­ture for Net­work Sci­ence Cen­ter under Katy Börn­er. Great, I think, let’s take a look at the data they’re using, giv­en Quartz’s mis­sion state­ment about how they always use open data.

Trans Artist ​Juliana Huxtable’s Fight for Acceptance

Benson’s stat­ue made in her like­ness was a post-inter­net response to the Louvre’s clas­si­cal Gre­cian sculp­ture Sleep­ing Hermaphra­di­tus. Like that ancient art­work, Huxtable’s naked pose reveals body parts of both sex­es. How­ev­er, Juliana updates the abashed Her­maph­ro­di­tus with a futur­is­tic metal­lic sheen, a “mudra” hand sign, and a bold gaze that chal­lenges the view­er on ideas of fem­i­nin­i­ty and rep­re­sen­ta­tion.

#classy: taste, status and performative hashtags on Instagram

Let’s start from the prin­ci­ple that hash­tag usage is often a bid for atten­tion – you want your con­tent to be dis­cov­er­able, for more peo­ple to see it (and hope­ful­ly like it). But vis­i­bly betray­ing a desire for atten­tion is a sign of need­i­ness – and need­i­ness is low sta­tus (you are depen­dent on oth­er people’s behav­iour to define your self worth).