We Should Have a Better Condom by Now. Here’s Why We Don’t.

Condom compliance—the ability and willingness to use condoms consistently and correctly—has always been a big problem. The Gates Foundation knows it, and so do all of us who’ve decided to just chance it during sex, even when the Trojan is sitting right there on our bedside table. A more enjoyable condom—a condom that people want to use—could significantly reduce STIs and unwanted pregnancies, both in America and abroad. So why hasn’t the always unpopular latex condom ever faced any serious competition in the condom aisle? Why, after all these years, is latex still king?

The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades

Somewhere in West Tennessee, not far from Graceland, nine women — or “The 9 Nanas,” as they prefer to be called — gather in the darkness of night. At 4am they begin their daily routine — a ritual that no one, not even their husbands, knew about for 30 years. They have one mission and one mission only: to create happiness. And it all begins with baked goods.