Why the rush to declare the Anthropocene?

Con­ceived in its cur­rent form by the Dutch chemist and Nobel Prize-win­ner Paul Crutzen and the Amer­i­can biol­o­gist Eugene F Sto­er­mer in 2000, and devel­oped by Crutzen and col­leagues in a land­mark 2007 paper, the Anthro­pocene is a neol­o­gism that attempts to pin down a lot of free-float­ing anx­i­ety about cli­mate change and the myr­i­ad ways that Homo sapi­ens are mak­ing over the plan­et in our own image.

Why Is America Obsessed With Perfecting Its Teeth?

[N]ever before has mankind’s obses­sion with the smile been so eas­i­ly action­able. Cos­met­ic den­tistry now rep­re­sents the largest non­sur­gi­cal beau­ty indus­try after make­up.