While I obvi­ous­ly dis­agree with most of what Schiff said, I actu­al­ly do think that “skin” col­or in emo­ji should prob­a­bly be addressed. I have two pro­posed solu­tions:

  1. Make it a non-human col­or (oth­er than yel­low, since that is con­sid­ered “taint­ed” now) by default.</li
  2. Ran­dom­ly assign a real­is­tic tint.

And then don’t give the user any con­trol what­so­ev­er over it.

The Professor Is a Drag Queen

I am a pro­fes­sor and a drag queen. When in drag, I am often asked, “Do your stu­dents know?!” There is an impli­ca­tion that ped­a­gogy, schol­ar­ship, and drag per­for­mance exist in sep­a­rate realms that do not (and should not) mix or meet. Drag’s sub­ver­sive nature cre­ates the per­cep­tion that drag per­for­mance runs counter to seri­ous aca­d­e­m­ic inquiry.

Out Of Cite

We should talk about cita­tion gen­er­al­ly, as a com­mu­ni­ty-build­ing prac­tice, as a dis­cus­sion enrich­ing prac­tice, and as a prac­tice that can undo or pre­vent the force of era­sure in terms of mar­gin­al­ized voic­es. I want us to talk about cita­tion as a lov­ing prac­tice.

Google’s speech recognition has a gender bias

This is a real prob­lem with real impacts on people’s lives. Sure, a few incor­rect Youtube cap­tions aren’t a mat­ter of life and death. But some of these appli­ca­tions have a lot high­er stakes. Take the med­ical dic­ta­tion soft­ware study. The fact that men enjoy bet­ter per­for­mance than women with these tech­nolo­gies means that it’s hard­er for women to do their jobs.

The case for plagiarism, from a celebrated poet who has made a career out of it

Could there have been any greater com­pli­ment than to per­form Michelle’s 2008 speech, start to fin­ish, like a Led Zep­pelin trib­ute band faith­ful­ly repli­cat­ing “Stair­way to Heav­en?” If she had done this, the respons­es would have been more var­ied than the pre­dictable ones she got. Just think of the rich con­ver­sa­tions that could have start­ed.