The sharing economy is a lie: Über, Ayn Rand and the truth about tech and libertarians

A num­ber of experts have chal­lenged the idea that the hor­rif­ic explo­sion of vio­lence in a Syd­ney café was “ter­ror­ism,” since the attack­er was men­tal­ly unbal­anced and act­ed alone. But, ter­ror or not, the ordeal was cer­tain­ly ter­ri­fy­ing. Amid the chaos and uncer­tain­ty, the city believed itself to be under a coör­di­nat­ed and dead­ly attack.

Über had an inter­est­ing, if pre­dictable, response to the pan­ic and may­hem: It raised prices. A lot.

Judging Comics by Their Covers: Comic Books, Text, Paratext and Context

There are artists, like Jen­ny Fri­son and Jo Chen, who are pri­mar­i­ly known as cov­er artists in Amer­i­can comics. Issues may come with mul­ti­ple cov­ers that are val­ued dif­fer­ent­ly by read­ers and col­lec­tors depend­ing on artist and avail­abil­i­ty. Comics cov­ers are part of the book that con­tains the text, but also have val­ue and mean­ing inde­pen­dent of the work to which they are attached.

The Shut-In Economy

In the new world of on-demand every­thing, you’re either pam­pered, iso­lat­ed roy­al­ty — or you’re a 21st cen­tu­ry ser­vant.