A Note on Call-Out Culture

It isn’t an exag­ger­a­tion to say that there is a mild total­i­tar­i­an under­cur­rent not just in call-out cul­ture but also in how pro­gres­sive com­mu­ni­ties police and define the bounds of who’s in and who’s out. More often than not, this bound­ary is con­struct­ed through the use of appro­pri­ate lan­guage and ter­mi­nol­o­gy – a lan­guage and ter­mi­nol­o­gy that are for­ev­er shift­ing and almost impos­si­ble to keep up with.

Great Pains

As icon­ic British anar­cho-punk band Part 1 reis­sue 1985 LP Pic­tures of Pain, Mat Cole­gate takes an in-depth look at the graph­ic design behind the genre, from Crass’ mono­chrome col­lages to Nick Blinko’s metic­u­lous­ly detailed scrawl­ings.

What Do Margaret Wise Brown & Georges Perec Have In Common?

The charms of Georges Perec’s An Attempt At Exhaust­ing A Place In Paris are not so far removed from Good­night Moon as one would think. It is a cat­a­log of the things that the author sees and hears while sit­ting in place Saint-Sulpice. Peo­ple pass­ing, dogs, pigeons, church bells, street­lights and the end­less waves of city bus­es. It should be an absolute boor.